A board in Ducalis receives data from a Jira Cloud filter. To import issues you need to connect a filter.

To create a filter in your Jira Cloud account:

1. Go to FiltersView all filtersCreate filter.

2. Set up the filter by data (Project, Type, Status, and other) and click Save as.

3. Name filter. Note that this will be the name of the board in Ducalis. Click Submit.

4. Go to Details next to the filter name and click Edit Permissions.

5. Find Access field and change filter status to Open. Click Add and Save.

To create a new board:

  1. Click create new board.
  2. Refresh the list of available filters.
  3. Start typing the name, choose the filter you want, and click Connect.
  4. Click done.

Your Jira Cloud issues are imported. Now you can add your teammates to the board.

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