A board user is a person who evaluates the issues.

We connect the users from the same tracker as the issues. Ducalis organization members can't become board users if they don't have access to the tracker. Thereby we secure your classified data.

A member must log in to the tracker on the dashboard to see the board and issues.

Users, who logged in, have "Active User" next to their name in the board menu Users.

Whereas those who didn't, have "No platform login"

A team is a group of board users that look at the product similarly.

You can create team-specific criteria that only one team will use. For example, you may create a team Devs and add Time and Complexity as team-specific criteria. Thus only users assigned to the Devs will evaluate them. Group people from Business, Marketing, Sales, Management, and other departments to collect expert opinions. Users can be members of several teams if there might be such a case needed.

If you create common criteria, every user will have them regardless of their team.

NOTE! A user must have a team to use common criteria.
You can't use criteria and evaluate issues without having a team.

To create a team:

  1. Choose the board. Go to Users.
  2. Find the team creation field.
  3. Type the team name.
  4. Click plus sign.

To assign users to a team:

  1. Choose the board. Go to Users.
  2. Find the team you want to assign a user to.
  3. Click Add team member.
  4. You can start typing the user name.
  5. Click the user that must be added.
    You can add the same user to several teams if that's required.
NOTE! A user must have a team to evaluate the board issues.
A Member of your organization will not see the board unless they have a team.
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