A criterion is a principle by which teams evaluate issues. Each team has its specific criteria and common criteria.

Common criteria are criteria that all board users have, regardless of their team.

By default, each new board has RICE preset in the Common Criteria. You can delete or customize them.

NOTE! To use common criteria, a user must be assigned to a team.
You can't use criteria and evaluate issues without creating a team.

Specific criteria are criteria that only users of a certain team have.

To add a new criterion:

  1. Choose a board. Go to Criteria. 
  2. Click Add Criterion by the Common Criteria or by a certain team.
  3. Choose to add From Scratch or From Template.

From Scratch.

In the Add criterion window:

  1. Type the Criterion Name.
  2. Set a positive or negative number for Weight (if Avg. or Sum. formula) or choose Value/Effort (if RICE formula).
  3. Choose the numbers to be used for Scores. More about scores.
  4. Add the criterion Description. It can be a question, a user needs to answer or items this criterion contains. We advise you to specify each score meaning.
    e.g. How much will this feature impact the objective when a customer encounters it? 1—Minimal; 2—Low; 3—Medium; 4—High; 5— Massive.
  5. Click Save. The criterion is created.

From Template.

  1. Choose a template in the column that appeared on the right.
  2. Click Apply template.

The whole template applies to Common Criteria or the team you've chosen. You can then move separate criteria between other teams or send them to Common.

To move a criterion:

  1. Hover the mouse over the criterion you want to move.
  2. Click arrow up or down to rearrange the criteria inside the team or move to another one.

If you move a common criterion to a team-specific—the total score is recalculated.
If you move a team-specific criterion to a common, other board users will have to assign scores to already evaluated issues additionally by this criterion.

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