Tracker connection is much more useful than csv import as it saves you hours on issues update and syncs all your tasks and projects in real-time.

To integrate a tracker:

1. Click Add in the Issue Tracker field (top left).
OR Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Choose a task tracker in the Auto-sync issue tracker section.
3. Click Continue.

You will be redirected to the tracker for authorization. As you allow Ducalis to get tasks from the tracker, the integration will be ready for real-time sync.

You can see the detailed instructions for each tracker here:

Jira Cloud

Jira Server




Pivotal Tracker


To Delete an Integration:

1) Hover the mouse over the tracker name and click the bin icon.

2) Confirm the removal in the browser notification.

3) In the pop-up window, type DELETE.

4) Click Erase.


All the data from the tracker will be completely removed from Ducalis, i.e., all boards, tasks, scores, teams, and criteria. If you reconnect the tracker, you will have to set everything up from scratch.

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