There are 3 ways you can get your issues into Ducalis:

When the tracker is integrated, you import your issues by filtering them for a board. Some trackers allow creating and exporting their internal filters. You can also connect such filters to create a board.

Note! You must be Admin in Ducalis to create boards and set them up.

To filter issues for a board:

1. Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Click + Create New and choose the tracker with required issues.

3. Type the board name.

4. Choose the required issues. Note, this setting may differ for each tracker.

5. Click Preview to see some of the filtered issues. Check if everything is correct.

6. Click Save.

To Connect an Existing Filter from an Issue Tracker.

1. Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Find the field with existing filters.

3. Type something to help you find the filter. You can search by the filter or the owner's name.

4. Hover the mouse over the required filter and click Connect.

5. Click Done.

You can see the detailed instructions for each tracker here:

Jira Cloud

Jira Server




Pivotal Tracker


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