Ducalis offers you Free, Paid, and Premium Plans.

1) Free Plan

  • All features
  • Single user
  • Free forever

Free Plan is great for a start as it allows you to try Ducalis out and set up your evaluation system. You can integrate your issue tracker to import tasks, or create tasks manually, and evaluate them without your team. You will still see the Alignment page, though the results won't be relevant because only your opinion would be collected.

In the long run, you need your teammates' perspectives to build shared understanding and improve teamwork.

2) Paid Plan

  • All features
  • Multiple users and teams
  • 5$ user/month

Paid Plan is excellent if you want to explore prioritization opportunities together. You can play with different settings until you find what criteria and evaluation flow suit your team to achieve productivity.

3) Premium Plan

  • All features
  • VIP support and coaching
  • 49$ user/month

Premium Plan is for you if you don't have much time to explore the prioritization depth. Our coaches will be there to hold webinars or video calls to set everything up for you and help your team get into the flow faster. Feature requests or bugs you may have will also be our team's priority.


The trial starts when you invite members to your organization, as the collaborative evaluation is considered as a paid feature. You can enjoy our Paid Plan for free for 14 days.

When the trial period ends, you need to add your billing info or go back on a Free Plan for one person. Otherwise, you won't be able to continue using Ducalis for your prioritization.

When you add your billing info, you go on the Paid Plan and start the billing month. You won't be charged straight away—the payment takes place at the end of the billing month.

If you are not ready to pay after the trial ends, please contact us in the chat, we're always open for discussions.


The day you've subscribed is considered as the start date of the billing month. You won't be charged straight away—the payment takes place at the end of the billing month.

You will receive the invoices via the email you specify. They will also be available at your Billing page in Ducalis.

To go on the Paid Plan:

1) Go to Billing in your personal menu from anywhere in the app.

2) Specify your email, full name, organization name, and credit card in the fields.

3) Click Subscribe.

The Subscription is currently available only for the Paid Plan. If you are interested in Premium support, please contact us in the chat or via [email protected]

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