Ducalis can send you reminders to inform your team about the number of issues each member has for evaluation. Regular groomings prevent crammed backlog.

Note! To set up reminders, you have to be an Admin in Ducalis.

To connect a Slack channel to a Ducalis board:

1. Click the Slack logo button during Ducalis board creation

or if you skipped that step

1. Click the Meeting panel inside a created board and click the Slack logo button there.

2. Sign in to your Slack workspace if needed.

3. Choose the Slack channel where you want to receive the reminders.
4. Click Allow.

To change or disconnect the channel:

1. Click the Meeting panel inside the board.

2. Find the Slack section

3. Click the Pencil ✏️ button to change the channel

4. Click the Trashbin 🗑️ button to disconnect Slack from the board.

The team notifications day depends on your Cycles settings. You can read more about cycles here.

To set up the day, time, and the rewarding message:

1. Click the Meeting panel inside the board.

2. Find the Appreciate the team section

3. Set up the number of days prior to the meeting you want to receive the notification.

4. Set up the time. Double-check your timezone.

5. Type the rewarding message you want your teammates to receive.

The appreciation is received if a teammate has no issues for evaluation. The default message is 'Nailed It!😎'.

Here are other example messages:

Keep up the excellent work!🚀


Great work!💪

Wow! Nice work!🤩

We're better because of you!😻

You did it! Great job!🏆

You can also use your Slack custom emojis by typing them with colons.

e.g. :custom-slack-emoji:

Note that the same notification is sent to your email and custom emojis will not be visible there.

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