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In this help article, you will find information on how to collaborate with your teammates in prioritizing your backlog and create team alignment.

  1. Users.

  2. Teams.


A board user is a person who evaluates the issues you have in your board.

Where can you add users from?

  • From the teammates you added when you created your Ducalis account.

  • Teammates from your task trackers you import issues from.

  • Invite new users via email.

To add users to a board:

  1. Access the board users and teams setting:

    1. By click on the board users and teams settings icon located at the top part of your board.

    2. Via Criteria settings window.

  2. Find the ‘All board users’ section

  3. Click 'Add team member'.

  4. From the dropdown list, click on the name of the user you want to add. You can add members in your organization (under Ducalis.io Users) or users from your connected trackers (under Tracker Users).

  5. If you have a big list of users, you can simply type the name or email of the user you want in the search field.

To invite new users to a board:

  1. On the same search field, type the email address of the new user you want to invite.

  2. Before sending the invitation link, assign a role to them. A role can either limit them to just evaluating issues (Member) or it can give them the power to do more on the board (Admin) e.g. editing the board, managing users e.t.c.

  3. Click ‘Invite’ to send the invitation link.

  4. In this case a user will be added to a board and to your organization. Users who are added to the board or who accept the invitation and login into the board are indicated with a green "Active User" icon. While the ones who have not yet accepted their invitations are indicated with a "Pending User" icon.


A team is a group of board users that have exclusive evaluation criteria.

You can create a team and assign it specific criteria that only members of that team will evaluate. It means that those people have a unique expert opinion that will help improve the accuracy of the prioritization results.

For example, you may create team Devs and add Time and Complexity as team-specific criteria. Thus, only users assigned to the Devs will evaluate them.

Criteria added to ‘All board users’ are available to every user regardless of their additional teams.

To create a team:

  1. Inside the Board Users and Team Settings window, find the team creation field.

  2. Type the team name.

  3. Click Create Team.

To assign users to a team:

  1. Still inside the Board Users and Team Settings window.

  2. Find the team you want to assign a user to.

  3. Click Add team member.

  4. Click the user that must be added. You can use the search field to find a teammate by name.

Teammates added to All board users will evaluate criteria added for All users in criteria settings.

A user can be a member of several teams.

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