Ducalis can send you public weekly notifications and personal daily reminders. You shouldn't forget about regular groomings as they prevent crammed backlog.

Public Weekly Notifications

They inform the whole team about the number of issues each member has for evaluation and reward those who have none. Recognition is essential for building a healthy company culture. You can set a funny rewarding message your team will understand and love. You can change the message every week to gamify the process even more.

The default message is 'Nailed It!😎'.

Public notifications are currently available in Slack.

Check the instruction to set them up.

Personal Daily Reminders

You can receive personal reminders in your mail inbox about the number of issues you have for evaluation on each of the organization boards.

To set up the reminders:

1. Click your avatar (top right on the dashboard or bottom left inside a board).

2. Click Your Notifications.

3. Set the preferable time.

4. Set the days that work best for you

5. Switch the toggle if you don't want to receive reminders at all.

By default, you receive them from Monday to Friday at 10 AM in your organization's timezone.

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