To evaluate a board, a person must be assigned to a team in the board.

To check team settings:

  1. Choose the board the team is going to evaluate.

  2. Go to Users

  3. Assign teammates to the teams according to the criteria they need to evaluate.

  4. Click Done.

To assign scores:

  1. The number of issues for evaluation next to the Assessment Grid.

  2. Choose the filter New.

  3. Set your cursor in the cell under the criteria.

  4. Assign each criterion a score set up with the criterion by typing a number in the cell.

  5. Switch the toggle on/off to show/hide the criteria description.

  6. Switch the toggle to turn Fast Input on/off.

  7. Press ? to see the hotkeys.

Fast Input:

Fast input is a superpower that helps you evaluate your tasks with ultimate speed.

When you evaluate tasks with single-digit scores (from 0 to 9), focus jumps to the next cell automatically if Fast Input is enabled.

If you need to assign multi-digit scores, you can still use Tab, Enter, or right arrow → to switch to the next cell.

Use toggle (up right) to switch Fast Input on and off.

Assessment Grid Hotkeys:

  • Press alt + w to open Assessment Grid.

  • Press Tab or Enter to switch to the next cell.

  • Press Shift + Tab to switch to the previous cell.

  • Or use arrows up ↑, down ↓, left ←, and right → to move across cells.

  • Press Esc to hide the task description.

  • Press ? to open/close shortcuts reference.

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