There are two ways in which you can analyze and discuss your team's priorities:

  • A list view on the Top Priorities page

  • A 2x2 matrix view on the Matrix page.

Both pages calculate priorities differently and have different features to use.

Here we'll describe the Top Priorities page. To know more about the Matrix page, please head here.

How the Top Priorities work:

1. All the evaluated issues appear in a list and are sorted in descending order by their total score.

a list of prioritized tasks in descending order with the highlighted total score, UI

2. The Total Score is calculated according to the formula set in the criteria settings. Hover the mouse over the Total Score column header to see the formula used.

3. To change the formula, go to Criteria and Total Score Formula Settings, and choose the one needed. You can read more about our formulas here.

4. A white issue means that all board users have evaluated it, and it has its final total score.

Hover the mouse over the issue total score to see the average estimates by criteria.

5. A grey issue means that all the board users haven't evaluated it yet, and its total score will change.

Hover the mouse over the issue score to see its current average estimates by criteria.

6. The number of issues considered as the top priority is marked with a star. You can see the set number in the right upper corner. By default, it's 20 issues.

7. To change the top priority issue number, click the star in the right upper corner and change the priority number in the settings.

8. You can filter the issue list by the assignee. Click the person's name to see their tasks, what ranking those tasks have, and if they are among the top priority issues.

9. If you use Ducalis as an issue tracker as well, you can create and manage issues on the Top Priorities page.

- Click the Add Issue button in the right upper corner to create one.

- Completed tasks will be moved to the Done filter.

You can read more about Ducalis csv import and issue creation.

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