There are 3 ways you can get your issues into Ducalis:

When the tracker is integrated, you import your issues by filtering them for a board.

There are two ways to filter issues from Jira Server:

  • Create a filter in Ducalis.

  • Connect an existing Jira filter.

Note! You must be Admin in Ducalis to create boards and set them up.

Create a Filter in Ducalis

Filter and board creation in Ducalis are simple:

1. Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Click + Create New and choose Jira with required issues.

3. Type the board name.

4. Choose Project, Issue Type, and Status.

5. Click Preview to see some of the filtered issues.

6. Click Save.

The board is ready. Click on it to set up.

Connect an Existing Jira Filter

Jira allows creating and saving filters in it. You can connect Jira filters to create boards. To do so:

1. Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Find the field with existing filters.

3. Type something to help you find the filter. You can search by Jira filter name or filter owner.

4. Hover the mouse over the required filter and click Connect.

5. Click Done.

No Filters Found

If you already have a filter in Jira, but don't see it in the Create New Board window, the problem might be with the filter access status.

For Jira Server, the filter access status must be Any logged-in user and be added to Favorite (starred).

To check or change the status:

  1. Click Details.

  2. Edit permissions.

  3. Add to Favorite.

  4. Add viewers: Any logged-in user.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Ensure the access status has been added.

  7. Click Save.

Return to Ducalis

  1. Click Create New Board.

  2. Click Refresh Filter List.

  3. Type the filter nameā€”it must become available.
    If you still have problems, please contact us in the chat bottom right.

How to create a filter in your Jira Server account

1. Go to Projects.
2. Choose the project name.
3. Click View all issues and filters.

4. Adjust your filter for the information you need.
5. Click Save as.

6. The name you choose for the filter will be the name of a board in Ducalis.

7. Go to Details next to the filter name.
8. Click Edit Permissions.

9. Add filter to favorites by clicking the Star.
10. Add viewers: choose "Any logged-in users" and click add.
11. Save the filter.

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