Ducalis Organization is a place to keep your priorities straight.

Once you sign up, you create an organization and have to give it a name. It can be your company, product, or project name. Use something clear to help you and other members identify the organization fast. You can join multiple organizations by invite links.

To create a new organization sign up in Ducalis with:

  1. Email address via a magic link. (How to use magic links)

  2. Google Account.

To join an existing organization:

  • Sign Up via invite link (if you don't have an account in Ducalis)

  • Sign In via the invite link (if you have already signed up)

More about invite links.

1. Members

There are two roles in the organization—a member and an admin.

  • Members can evaluate issues and see top priorities and alignment pages.

  • Admins can do everything mentioned plus set up the organization and the whole prioritization process.

- When you create an organization, you become its admin.

- When you join an existing organization, your role depends on the invitation.

Admins can change people's membership statuses anytime. But admins can't change their own status—only another admin can do that.

More about members.

2. Issues

You can use Ducalis for:

  • Task Tracking

  • Prioritization and Backlog Grooming

  • Team Alignment building

To prioritize the issues, you can import them from a task tracker by integrating it or with a CSV file. Or you can record all your tasks and ideas straight into Ducalis and then prioritize them.

If you import tasks from a tracker, other members need to log in to the connected tracker inside Ducalis to prove they have the right to read the tasks. If they don't log in, they will not see the evaluation boards.

You can integrate as many issue trackers as you need. Members don't have to log in to all of them—only those with boards they need to evaluate.

For more details, you can read these articles:

If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat bottom right corner.

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