OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, used to grant websites or applications access to their information without giving them the passwords. Atlassian recommends using OAuth authentication for application links because of the greater security inherent with that protocol. Although they no longer recommend the Trusted Applications and Basic authentication types, we still provide Basic Authentication (Login and Password) for its simplicity and quickness.

It is a bundled app that allows you to set up links, share information, and provide access to certain resources or functionality across multiple Atlassian products.

Note! You need to follow this process only once. After you've created the application link and integrated Jira Server, the login is simple. Instruction

The process is the same for any Jira Server version—differs the location of the menu in Jira.

  • For Jira 6.1-6.4 navigate to Jira Administration (cogwheel icon) > Add-ons and open the Application Links section.

  • For Jira 7+ navigate to Jira settings (cogwheel icon) > Applications > Application links.

1. Insert link https://ducalis.io/ and click Create new link.

2. In the Configure Application URL window, click Continue. Don’t worry, there are no mistakes, the link is valid.

3. Next, type the Application name. It can be any name. We recommend you to use Ducalis.
4. Choose Application Type: Generic Application.
5. Check the cell: Create incoming link, and click Continue.

6. Select and copy the Application URL.

7. Now go back to the OAuth form in Ducalis and paste the url in the Url field.

8. Then copy Consumer Key and Public Key, and paste them in the same fields in the Jira window where you copied the url.
9. Type any Consumer Name. It may be your company or project name. Click Continue.

10. Now the connection is ready. You should see it in the list of connections.

11. Return to Ducalis and click Connect.

12. Click Allow on the next screen to give Ducalis permission to read the data in Jira.

The integration is ready.

To log in to the tracker:

1. Click Login next to the connected Jira Server.

2. You will be redirected to your Jira account.

3. Specify your Jira username and password.

4. Click Log In.

5. Click Allow.

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