There are 3 ways you can get your issues into Ducalis:

When the tracker is integrated, you import your issues by filtering them for a board.

Note! You must be Admin in Ducalis to create boards and set them up.

To Filter Issues for the Board:

1. Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Choose your tracker and click Continue.

3. Choose a connected tracker and click Import.
OR connect another one by clicking Connect New.

4. Set up the issue filter. You can preview some of the tasks falling into the filter.

5. Click Start Import.

The filter is ready. You can continue setting up the board framework, users, and the evaluation habit.

To Edit the Board Filter:

1. Go to the board.

2. Click on the cog sign top right.

3. Click Edit Filter next to the board Name.

4. Change the filter settings.

5. Click Save.

Some trackers also allow creating and exporting their internal filters. You can connect such filters to create a board. Please check the detailed instruction for your tracker.

You can see the detailed instructions for each tracker here:

Jira Cloud

Jira Server




Pivotal Tracker


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