Aside from importing issues from your company's tracker, you can also create them inside Ducalis. It allows you to use all features without integrations and use Ducalis as a place to store your ideas.

All issues are kept inside a board, so you need to create a board for your issues first.

To add a board for issue creation:

1. Click Create Board on the dashboard.

2. Choose CSV Import / Empty Board or Skip this step.

3. Choose Add issue or Upload CSV file

4. The board for issue creation is ready.

To rename the board:

  1. Go into the board.

  2. Click the Ducalis logo next to its name.

  3. Find Board Name.

  4. Click Board Name or Emoji.

To create an issue:

  1. Click Add Issue on the Top Priorities page.

  2. Type issue name.

  3. Add issue description.

  4. Click Save to save the description.

  5. Attach any images or files the issue may require.

  6. Specify the Assignee from the organization's members and change the Reporter if it might be the case. (optional

To choose Status and Type for the issue:

  1. Read more about Statuses

  2. Read more about Types

To remove an issue:

  • Choose Done when you've completed the issue. It will move to the Done folder.

  • To delete an issue forever, click Remove.

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