There are 3 ways you can get your issues for evaluation in Ducalis:

To evaluate issues in Ducalis without tracker integration:

1. Prepare data for import. You can:

  • Export data from the tracker in CSV file extension.

  • Download a Google Sheets spreadsheet as comma-separated values.

  • Convert XLS(X) to CSV.

2. Go to the dashboard in Ducalis.

3. Click Create Board. dashboard create new board

4. Click Create New. Choose if you have any trackers integrated. new board creation

5. Name the board.

6. Click Save. new board save

7. Click the board you've created and set it up quickly with the guide.

8. In the board, find Select a CSV file to import or drag'n'drop it here.
Click the field to choose a file from your computer, or drag a file from a folder and drop it on the field.

9. Match the data rows in the csv. file with Ducalis board fields.

10. Click Preview.

11. Check if the data is imported correctly.

  • Click Edit Fields to change settings.

  • Click Complete Import if everything is correct.

The import is ready.

Click the tasks on the Top Priorities screen to change the name, description, status, or assignee.

Issues are ready for the evaluation.

Go to the Assessment Grid to assign the scores.

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