If you struggle to evaluate an issue properly because the issue is unclear, poorly described, or you have reasonable doubts, you can mark it as requiring clarification.

This will mean that the issue must be discussed or explained, and the reporter will receive a notification about that.

To mark an issue as requiring clarification:

1. Go to the Assessment Grid.

2. Find the issue you need to be explained or discussed.

3. Click the Question button.

4. We also advise you to leave a comment on the task tracker or team chat.

5. The issue will be moved from your Assessment grid into the Questions section.

6. You will not evaluate the issue before your question is answered.

To see the issues you've marked:

1. Go to Questions.

2. Choose My Questions filter.

3. Here are the issues you've marked as requiring clarification.

4. Click the resolve button to resolve your question and move the issue to the Assessment Grid for evaluation.

To see your issues, a teammate has marked:

If a teammate has marked an issue as unclear where you are a reporter, you will have a red number next to the Question section.

1. Go to Question.

2. Choose the Questions to Me filter.

3. Click the issue you have there.

4. In the issue card, you can see who on the team has questions about the issue.

5. Use the issue link to go to the task in the tracker to check the comments.

6. Click the resolve button if you have discussed and answered all the questions.

  • Click Yes if the issue context has changed much, and the team must reevaluate it with the new data. Thus all current scores will be discarded.

  • Click No, just resolve if the context hasn't changed, and current scores can be preserved.

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