Two-way integration is a perfect solution for enhancing team alignment around priorities. It lets anybody see how important are the tasks in your Asana backlog and what is the best order of completing them.

asana tasks sorted by ducalis priority ranking
Sync can't be turned on by a user, who is a Limited Access Member in Asana.

You can go to Asana Admin, Members to change the user's access level.

To sync Ducalis priority ranking with Asana

1) Click the Asana icon next to the board name.

2) Find the Issue Ranking Sync section and turn the tumbler ON.

3) As you turn the sync on, two custom field will appear in Asana:

  • Priority Ducalis with the issue ranking position.

4) Emoji, used in the custom fields names, is a Ducalis Board ID. You can change it in Ducalis board settings. If you do so, please turn the sync off and on again.

5) The sync happens automatically every planning day, but you can run it manually anytime by clicking Sync Scores Now in the settings. Read more about Ducalis planning day settings here.

6) If you turn the sync OFF, custom fields with priority ranking and alignment links will be deleted from your Asana library.

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