There are two ways in which you can analyze and discuss your team's priorities:

  • A list view on the Top Priorities page

  • A 2x2 matrix view on the Matrix page.

Both pages calculate priorities differently and have different features to use.

Here we'll describe the Matrix page. To know more about the Top Priorities page, please head here.

How the Matrix works:

1. All the evaluated issues appear in four quadrants of a 2x2 matrix according to their Value and Effort axes scores.

Value and Effort are criteria impact settings, where Value is a positive criterion, and Effort is a negative criterion. You can have as many Value and Effort criteria as you need.

Please, read more on how to create new criteria or change their impact here.

2. All your criteria are listed above the matrix. They work as filters here. Click the criterion name to turn it off or on.

If you turn a criterion off, it means its scores will not be considered in the calculation.

NOTE! The Matrix uses its own formula. The formula you set up in the settings
and the criteria weights are not considered here.

3. The four quadrants have the most popular 2x2 matrix names according to their value/effort axes intersections. They are:

- Quick Wins

- Major Projects

- Fill-Ins

- Thankless Tasks

You can rename the quadrants and change their emojis if needed.

To rename a quadrant, click its name and type the new one.

To change an emoji, click the one currently set and choose the new emoji.

4. You can expand the quadrants full-screen to focus on its issues.

To do so, click the expand button in the quadrant's top right corner.

To go back to the full matrix, click the Priority Matrix button next to the quadrant name.

5. If you don't use at least one Value criterion and one Effort criterion, you will not be able to make use of all four quadrants.

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