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Available for roles: Admin, Owner

Ducalis templates are an awesome way to start prioritization fast and utilize popular frameworks that have proven their efficiency.

Currently, you can apply any template only when creating a board—adding template criteria to an existing board is temporarily unavailable.

There are two ways you can apply a template:

  • from the app

  • from the landing page

Note that each and every template is fully customizable. You can learn how to add, edit, or delete the template criteria here.

Apply a template inside the Ducalis app

1. On the dashboard, click Create Board.

2. Answer the supporting questions.

3. Choose the framework template that is suitable for you.

Ducalis will provide you with the Best Match and Recommended templates judging by your answers. Still, you can choose any template.

4. Click Choose [FrameworkName] button.

5. Complete the board creation process.

Apply a template from the Ducalis landing page

1. Go to our Template Library.

2. Go to a template page by clicking on the template card.

3. Click Use Template.

4. You'll land on the board creation process with the Framework step already checked. You can then finish creating the board.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat bottom right corner.

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