Available for plans: Free, Team, Business

Available for roles: Admin,Owner

There are some general, but vital settings you can find on your organization page: rename your organization and your username, change the timezone, members sign-up mode, and check the billing info.

To get to the organization page

1. Click your avatar from anywhere in the app.

2. Click on the current organization name.

Note, to get into settings, you need to be located in the organization you want to set up. Switch between the organizations to set up another one.

On the Organization Page

1. Click the organization name to change it.

2. Click your username to change it.

3. Click the timezone to change it.

You can use the filter to search for the needed zone.

4. Switch between members sign-up mode and add team domains for convenient user registration.

More about Team Sign-Up Mode

5. Here you can see the organization's current plan and its details.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat bottom right corner.

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