Statuses are steps that issues go through. For example, a task can go from “To do”, to “In progress” and finally, to “Done” - each of these steps is a Status.

Statuses can be customized down to the Board level, but there are two default statuses for each board, and they can't be deleted - "To do" and "Done" statuses.

Creating Statuses

Admins can add or edit statuses in new and existing boards.

To create a new status:

  1. Create dropdown options when selecting a status

  2. Type the value

  3. Hit enter / create

Customizing status:

Click the ellipses ... next to the status you’d like to edit. Choose from the following options for editing Statuses:

  • Rename the status.

  • If you'd like, choose a color that corresponds with each option's meaning, like green for Done.

  • Add another status to your workflow.

  • You also can remove the status.

If you're removing any status, we'll ask you to choose another existing status to inherit your issues with this deleted status.

Default Statuses: To Do and Done

By default, we’ll set up your Boards with default statuses (“To do” and “Done”) to mark the beginnings and ends of your workflows.

These tasks can't be deleted. However, if you’d prefer, you can edit the names and the colours of these statuses:

  1. Click the ellipses ... next to the status you’d like to edit.

  2. Edit the name.

  3. Change the color.

Choose Done when you've completed the issue. It will move to the Done folder.

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