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The integration of Ducalis and Trello allows you to sync the issue ranking back to Trello. Also, for a more organized workspace and easy location of top priority tasks, Trello cards can be automatically sorted by their priority ranking that is in the Ducalis custom field. You can enable this automation using the Butler power-up.

Switching the “2- way issue ranking sync” on.

Firstly, the 2-way issue ranking sync between Ducalis and Trello should be switched on. You can follow the steps below to switch it on:

  1. Click on Trello to access the Issue ranking sync settings.

  2. Switch on the toggle.

  3. Custom fields will be automatically created for all the cards in the Trello board you chose when creating Ducalis filters of which issues to import from Trello for prioritization.

How to set up the automation.

  1. Go to your Trello account, choose the board you want to set the automation in.

  2. In that board, click on Automation.

  3. From the dropdown, select Rules.

  4. On the left-side menu, click on Calendar. Then, under calendar, click on Create Command to create a scheduled command.

  5. Add a trigger for your command, that is the date you would want the cards to be sorted out. You can set any schedule that you want, for example:

    1. Every day.

    2. In sync with the dates of your weekly meetings that you set up in Ducalis.

  6. The next step would be to select an action, in our case we will select Sort as the action and set up the parameters:

    1. Name of the list whose cards you want sorted. You can select it from the dropdown.

    2. Select the Ducalis custom field that has the priority rankings.

    3. Then select ascending as the order by which you want the cards to be sorted.

    4. Click the + to add the action.

  7. When you have set up everything, you can go ahead and click Save.

  8. Test your automation, to see if it’s working correctly.

  9. Your cards under this list will be sorted by order of priority ranking.

Adding the same automation to other lists in the same board.

  1. You can add this automation to every list in this board:

    1. Copy the automation.

    2. Under action, click on the name of the list and choose another list you want to add the automation to.

    3. Then click the Save.

After the setting-up, your automation will be ready and each time the date you set arrives (for example, every Friday) the cards in your board will be sorted by the priority ranking in the Ducalis custom field.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat bottom right corner.

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