Available for plans: Business.

Available for roles: Admin, Owner.

Maximize the benefits of integrating YouTrack with Ducalis.io by enabling 2-way sync. This feature:

  • Takes your prioritization results to YouTrack.

  • Sort your cards in YouTrack by the priority ranking to easily find your top priority issues.

In this article:

  1. How to enable 2-way sync.

  2. How to sort your cards in order of issue priority ranking in YouTrack.

How to enable 2-way sync.

  1. Go to tracker settings by clicking on YouTrack.

  2. In the tracker settings, hover your mouse over to the Issue Ranking Sync section and switch on the toggle.

  3. Your Issues’ rankings will be sent to YouTrack for the first time.

  4. In YouTrack two Ducalis.io custom fields will be automatically created:

    1. One with the issue ranking,

    2. and another with a link to the issue in Ducalis.

    Note that the set-up only applies to the cards in the boards or projects you would have chosen when importing issues for prioritization from YouTrack to Ducalis.io

  5. In Ducalis, under the tracker settings, you can see:

    1. The date of the previous sync and that of the next sync.

    2. An option to do an instant sync.

How to sort your cards in order of issue priority ranking in YouTrack.

You can also sort out your cards in order of priority using the priority ranking in the Ducalis custom field.

  1. In your project, click on sorted by [sorting attribute] to access the sorting settings.

  2. Click on the sorting attribute that is currently being used to sort your cards in this project.

  3. From the dropdown, choose Priority đź’ˇ Ducalis as your sorting attribute.

  4. Select the ascending order sorting direction.

  5. Then click Apply.

  6. Cards sorted in order of priority, with the top priority issues at the top of the list.

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