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Integrating Kaiten with Ducalis

You have to connect Kaiten with an API Key.

A key is an electronic token used instead of a password. Kaiten permanent tokens give you security and have the following benefits:

  • Secure authorization without implementing complex OAuth 2.0 flows.
  • Simple to manage: If you suspect your connection has been compromised, you can revoke the token at any moment and generate a new one.
  • Granular access to operations: A permanent token lets you perform operations it has permission to only.

Connecting Kaiten

  1. On your board, go to the bottom left corner and click Connect.
  1. Then under the Sync settings page, click Connect Issues Tracker.
  1. On the integration page choose Kaiten and click Connect Kaiten.

Follow the instructions provided to authenticate your Kaiten account.

How To Get The Base URL And API Key

  1. In Kaiten, copy your base URL from the browser tab. The base URL starts with https:// and ends with kaiten.ru/

2. Go back to Ducalis and paste the Base URL.

3. Go to Kaiten account.

4. Click on your avatar, then Profile Settings.

  1. Go to API key, then click CREATE API KEY.
  1. Copy the generated API key.
  1. Go back to Ducalis and paste API Key.
  1. Click Connect.
  1. Kaiten <> Ducalis integration is ready. Select the Instance you want to import issues from and proceed.

What’s Next?

After successfully integrating Kaiten with Ducalis, you can start importing your issues.

Updated on April 13, 2024

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