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Create Ideas from Telegram

You can seamlessly convert messages received via Telegram that contain customer feedback and requests into public ideas on your Voting boards.

By enabling users to forward messages from Telegram to a Ducalis Telegram bot directly, we eliminate the need for manual data entry, streamlining the process of capturing and implementing valuable feedback.

Steps to follow

  1. Navigate to the Import/Export settings within Ducalis.io to find the link to the Telegram bot.
  1. Click Connect and you will be redirected to Telegram.
  1. In Telegram, click Start to activate the bot.

Create an Idea

1. Forward Messages

Forward the message received via Telegram to the Ducalis Telegram bot.

Users can streamline the process by bulk-creating ideas when forwarding multiple messages to the Ducalis Telegram bot.

2. Confirm Addition

From the provided options, select Yes to add the forwarded message as an idea to the designated Voting board.

Before confirming, you can switch the Voting board if needed.

If you have forwarded multiple messages at once, you can merge the messages into one idea or add them as separate ideas. 

3. Access Created Idea

Click on the provided link to access the newly created idea within the admin view of the Voting board.

4. Review And Edit Idea

The idea will be available as a draft, allowing you to make any necessary tweaks or adjustments. Edit the idea’s name, and refine the description or formatting.

5. Rewrite Idea Using Ducalis AI

You can rewrite the idea using the assistance of the Ducalis AI.

6. Idea Author

By default, you are assigned as the author of the idea. However, you can change the author to reflect the customer who sent the original message via Telegram.

7. Version History

Changes to the idea are logged in the Version History for reference and backup restoration.

8. Publish Idea

Once satisfied with the idea, publish it on the Voting board so that people on the voting board can read and possibly vote for the idea.

What’s Next?

You can add the idea to your internal backlog. Read more about adding ideas to your internal backlog here

Updated on April 3, 2024

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