Prioritization Criteria

Available for plans: Free, Team, Business.

Available for roles: Admin, Owner.

A prioritization criterion is a principle by which board users evaluate an issue’s priority.

In the Criteria Settings, under All, you will find all the criteria in the board. Under Shared, you will find all the criteria available to everyone added to the board. If you created teams (e.g., Product managers and Marketers) in the board, you will find under each team, the criteria you assigned them. 

Creating a Criterion

  1. Inside a board, go to the Evaluation page to access the Criteria settings. Click Criteria on the top right corner to open the settings.
  1. To start creating a criterion, just click on Add Criterion.
  1. Type the criterion name.
  2. Choose or create the team you want to assign this criterion to. This will help to improve the prioritization results as a team will evaluate the criterion using their expert opinion.
  1. Set if it’s a Value or an Effort criterion.

This is important for the Matrix quadrants and for the formulas ‘Value Product divided by Effort‘ and ‘Value Sum divided by Effort‘.
Find more about the Matrix and the Formulas.

  1. If you do not want the criterion you are creating to be considered in calculating the Total scores, you can check Ignore. Read more about ignoring creating in the calculation of the Total score here.
  1. Set the Weight according to how significant this criterion is relative to other criteria.

You can use any positive or negative whole or fractional number. But don’t use negative numbers for Effort criteria if you’re using the ‘Value Product divided by Effort‘ or ‘Value Sum divided by Effort‘ formula.

  1. Set the scores. Choose the scoring method that you want to use to score your issues (Range, Sequence, Percent, or Positive scale).
  1. You can pick any of the given presets which include some popular scoring techniques like the Fibonacci series.
  1. Add the Criterion Description to help your teammates understand the criterion better when they will be evaluating.
  2. Click Add

Editing or Deleting a Criterion

  1. Hover your mouse over the criterion you want to edit/delete and click the edit or delete icon.
  1. To Edit: change the settings and click Save.
  1. To Delete: click Ok after clicking the delete icon.

Changing the Team a Criterion Is Assigned To

When editing a criterion, you can change the team that is assigned to exclusively evaluate it.

  1. Click on the edit icon.
  1. From the teams’ drop-down list, choose the team you want to assign the criteria.
  1. Or create a new team to assign this criterion.
  1. After you change the team, hover over to the bottom, and click Save.

What’s Next?

Now that you have set up your prioritization framework, you can proceed to choose the formula combination that you want for the calculation of your Total scores.

More about the Total score formulas.

Updated on February 22, 2023

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