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Canny Alternative [2024]: Pricing, Feature, and Feedback Comparison with Ducalis

Our goal is to provide an honest tool comparison, so please feel free to explore both pages about these tools.

All the information presented on that page was written and actual on Feb 20, 2024

Canny vs. Ducalis Main Differences

The main differences are product philosophy and how these tools handle users’ requests.

Canny is focused only on users’ feedback.

Ducalis’ mission is to bring a transparent roadmap with priorities to your existing backlog, while you can also prioritize and align customer requests to your business goals. This means customer feedback is only one component.

Canny vs. Ducalis Free and Paid Offerings

If you need a free feedback management tool, both Canny and Ducalis offer free feature toolsets suitable for collecting feedback. The main difference is that Ducalis allows you to collect and prioritize feedback and sync it with your backlog. Integrate this feedback with your development process and see the whole picture with end-to-end prioritization of your internal tasks from your task tracker and users’ feedback. All this is made available through custom prioritization frameworks and team estimates.

One of the most significant differences is the price:

A screenshot from canny.io/pricing
A screenshot from hi.ducalis.io/pricing

User Feedback Management Features Canny and Ducalis Comparison Table

Free Plans ComparisonDucalis FreeCanny FreeDucalis PaidCanny Paid
Price per Month$0$0$20$400
Owners/ManagersUnlimitedUnlimited1 included5 included
Price per Additional Admin$0$0$20$40
Contributors / End UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Status Email Updates++++
Feedback Prioritization++++
Changelog Widget++++
Vote on Behalf of Users++++
Mobile View++++
Custom Prioritization Framework++++
Compile Users’ Feedback with Internal Backlog from Task Trackers++
Real-Time Collaboration+++
Task Tracking+++
Internal Comments+++
Prioritization Templates++
Collaborative Prioritization++
Aggregated Boards Report++
Changelog Email Updates++
Changelog Email Form++
Layout Customization+++
Custom domain+++
Admin Roles+++
API & Webhooks++
User Segmentation+
Private Boards++
Dark Theme++
Colors Customization+++
Custom statusesSoon+
Block New Posts+
Remove brandingWith Year contract+

Integrations Canny and Ducalis Comparison Table

± means that the Canny free plan supports one of the below integrations.

Ducalis includes all ‘+’ features listed below

Free Plan IntegrationsDucalis FreeCanny FreeDucalis PaidCanny Paid
Jira Cloud+±++
Jira Server+±+
G Suite+±++
Microsoft Teams±+
Sync Back to Custom Fields+
Push to Task Tracker+

Canny vs. Ducalis End-User Experience

Ducalis has everything on one screen with a blazing-fast UI for searching, filtering, commenting, etc.

Canny has more screens with more complicated logic for end users to determine which screen is for what.

Ducalis’ goal provides a simple, fast, and transparent way for end users to share their feedback and get the complete picture for the whole team on what to do next and why.

Check the end-user experience in an act for both Ducalis and Canny:

Canny vs. Ducalis Prioritization Approach

Canny has a simple model to prioritize your customer’s feedback.

Ducalis allows you to sync the existing backlog from your task tracker, matches it with your users’ feedback, and creates a collaborative prioritization framework. It helps you better understand each idea’s value and removes the gap in your existing backlog, customer requests, and product goals.

Canny vs. Ducalis Task Tracker Integrations

It’s important to capture user feedback and deliver the most impactful features.

Both Canny and Ducalis offer connections with task trackers.

There are three main differences of integration in these tools.

1. List of supported task trackers

Supported Task TrackerDucalisCanny
Jira Cloud++
Jira Server+

2. The method of integration

Ducalis syncs issues, not just links. You can see the same task description inside Ducalis as the way it appears in your task tracker (read more about Ducalis 2-way sync features).

3. From the perspective of tasks, you can see your priority list

Canny can link only existing users’ feedback with your task tracker. This means you still don’t have the whole picture of your backlog, as there will still be some internal ideas, tech debts, bugs, etc., which you will have to manage and prioritize separately. Ducalis’ goal is to remove the gap between your internal and external ideas.

Canny vs. Ducalis Changelog Analytics

Canny and Ducalis offer the embedding of a changelog widget with a list of new features. After rolling out a new feature, you should promote it to your user base via this widget.

Ducalis’ goal is to ensure the requested feature is delivered to the right user who asked it.

Canny has a dedicated section where you must write release notes from scratch. It’s more like a blog platform.

Ducalis not only informs users but also tracks exactly who reads about your new feature. It sends auto-feature release notes and builds a subscriber base of those who are loyal to your product and willing to learn what new features you release.

Ducalis’ widget was designed for two goals:

1. Make sure that particular users read your updates

Has reading tracking built-in and shows the actual number and list of readers.

2. Subscribe loyal users to your changelog updates

Inform everybody willing to learn about your new features.

Migrating from Canny to Ducalis

As you can see, Canny and Ducalis are designed for different workflows, toolsets, and pricing approaches. If you’d like to try Ducalis instead of your Canny account, we offer a free migration option to see if Ducalis fits your needs.

  1. Create a Ducalis account for free.
  2. Contact our support team with the request to try Canny migration (chat in the right corner).
  3. We’ll move your data within one workday.
  4. You get your Ducalis account with your Canny data.
  5. Decide if you’d like to leave or move permanently to Ducalis.

No credit card is required.

Updated on February 20, 2024

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