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Ducalis Integration With Zapier

Ducalis.io integration with Zapier helps you to connect the apps you use for your work with Ducalis and automate your workflow, thus improving your productivity. The apps you can connect to include GitHub, Asana, Linear, Notion and others.

This integration with Zapier enables you to set a trigger in one app (e.g.,when you create an issue in a connected app) that will cause an action in Ducalis (create or update an issue). These automation workflows are called zaps.

How To Connect Another App and Ducalis.io with a Zap

  1. In your Zapier account, go to Create Zap.
  1. Start by naming your zap.

Setting Up Trigger

  1. Select an app where a zap will be initiated when something happens in it. We will use Trello as an example.
  1. Choose the trigger event (creation of a new card in Trello) that will start a zap from the dropdown list of events, and click Continue.
  1. Click on Connect a new account to connect it and authorize Zapier. Select your account if it is connected to Zapier already.
  1. Once your account is connected, select it and click Continue.
  1. Fill in all the required fields and some optional fields you might want to fill, and click Continue. Each app has a different set of fields.
  1. Click Test trigger to test and see if the trigger you created is working.
  1. If the trigger is working the way you want it to, click Continue.

Setting Up Action

  1. Select Ducalis as the app where you want an action to happen when a zap is initiated.
  1. Choose the action event (create or update issue in Ducalis) you want from the dropdown list. This is what will be performed when a zap runs. Then click Continue.
  1. Sign in to your Ducalis account to connect it to Zapier.
  1. To connect your Ducalis account, you will need to enter an API token from your Ducalis.io account.
  2. To get API token (make sure you are an admin in your Ducalis account):
    • On the dashboard, hover over to the left-side menu
    • Go to Integrations.
    • Under API Token, click on Generate New Token.
  • Find and copy the generated token under All integrations in settings.
  • Paste the API token here.
  1. Once you successfully connect your Ducalis account, click Continue.
  1. Select the fields you want to fill out or edit in Ducalis. The Ducalis Board you select should be an independent board that is not connected to a task tracker.
  1. Click Continue after you finish mapping the fields.
  1. Test and review your zap to check if everything is how you want it.
  1. If everything is in place, you can turn on your zap.
  1. After this, the integration between Ducalis and your app is all set, and the zap turned on. All the data you add to your app will be automatically added or updated to Ducalis.io.
  1. To quickly manage your zap, click here.
Updated on April 16, 2024

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