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Create Ideas from Email

The Email-to-Idea functionality enables users with Voting boards to seamlessly transform customer requests and feedback received via email into actionable ideas within their boards.

Effortlessly convert incoming emails into draft ideas with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and effort.

The feature automatically populates the idea name and description from the email subject line and body, respectively, ensuring consistency and accuracy in idea creation.

How to Use the Feature

1. Receive Email Requests or Feedback

You receive requests or feedback from customers via email.

2. Forward the Email to the Voting Board’s Email Address

To convert the email into an idea, simply forward it to the unique email address of the desired voting board. 

You can find this email address under the Import/Export settings.

3. Automatic Registration and Draft Creation

The sender is automatically registered to the Voting board, and the forwarded email is transformed into a draft idea within the board.

The subject line becomes the idea title, while the body of the email serves as the description. Any attachments from the email will also be included in the idea description.

The sender of the original email will be assigned as the idea’s author, ensuring transparency and accountability.

4. Review and Edit Idea (Optional)

Navigate to the Voting board’s admin view to review the draft idea. Make any necessary tweaks or adjustments, such as refining the idea description or formatting.

You can rewrite the idea using the assistance of the Ducalis AI.

Changes made are logged in the Version History for reference and restore backups. 

5. Publish Idea

Once satisfied with the idea, publish it on the Voting board so that people on the voting board can read and possibly vote for the idea.

What’s next?

You can add the idea to your internal backlog. Read more about adding ideas to your internal backlog here

Updated on April 11, 2024

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