Focus Mode

Focus mode allows you to see each issue separately on a full screen. It’s convenient if you want to concentrate on each issue.

Using Focus Mode

  1. Under the ‘Evaluation’ page, click the Focus Mode icon.

  1. Set your cursor in the cell under the criteria.
  2. Assign each criterion a score set up with the criterion by typing a number in the cell.
  3. Quickly ask a question to your teammates if there is anything you want clarification on while you’re evaluating. 

  1. You can also view the progress of the evaluation process.
  2. Switch the toggle to turn Fast Input on/off.
  3. Switch the toggle on/off to show/hide the criteria description.
  4. To exit Focus mode, click on the X icon found in the top right corner of the page. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ESC

Fast Input

Fast input is a superpower that helps you evaluate your tasks with ultimate speed.

When you evaluate tasks with single-digit scores (from 0 to 9), focus jumps to the next cell automatically if Fast Input is enabled.

If you need to assign multi-digit scores, you can still use Tab, Enter, or right arrow to switch to the next cell.

Focus Mode Hotkeys

  • Press alt + f to open Focus mode.
  • Press Tab, Enter, or right arrow to switch to the next criterion.
  • Press Shift + Tab or left arrow to switch to the previous criterion.
  • Press up and down arrows to browse among tasks.
  • Press ? to open/close shortcuts reference.
  • Press ESC to exit Focus mode.
Updated on June 30, 2023

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