Focus Mode

What is Focus Mode and how to use it

Focus Mode allows you to see each issue separately on a full screen. It’s convenient if you want to concentrate on each issue.

To evaluate issues in the Focus Mode:

  1. Click Focus Mode on the Assessment Grid.

  2. Set your cursor in the cell under the criteria.

  3. Assign each criterion a score set up with the criterion by typing a number in the cell.

  4. Switch the toggle on/off to show/hide the criteria description.

  5. Switch the toggle to turn Fast Input on/off.

  6. Press ? to see the hotkeys.

Fast Input:

Fast input is a superpower that helps you evaluate your tasks with ultimate speed.

When you evaluate tasks with single-digit scores (from 0 to 9), focus jumps to the next cell automatically if Fast Input is enabled.

If you need to assign multi-digit scores, you can still use Tab, Enter, or right arrow → to switch to the next cell.

Focus Mode Hotkeys:

  • Press alt + f to open Focus Mode.

  • Press Tab, Enter, or right arrow → to switch to the next criterion.

  • Press Shift + Tab or left arrow ← to switch to the previous criterion.

  • Press up ↑ and down ↓ arrows to browse among tasks.

  • Press ? to open/close shortcuts reference.

Updated on April 26, 2022

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