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How to Import Feedback from Canny

If you have existing feedback in Canny and want to import it into your Ducalis account, here are step-by-step instructions on how to import your data from Canny with your Canny API key.

How to import Canny feedback

1. Go to the Voting Board Settings in Ducalis.

2. Go to Import/Export then Import Data and open the Migrate from Canny.

3. Click Start Import.

4. Copy the API key from Canny and paste it into the field (see below how to find the key in Canny settings).

5. Click Get Canny Boards and choose the board you want to import feedback from.

Where can you get the Key?

1. Go to your Canny account and choose Settings.

2. Find the API from the left menu. Find Your Secret API Key and copy it.

3. Go to Ducalis and paste it.

What data will be migrated from Canny?

  • Comments.
  • Members (with sending invites).
  • Boards.
  • Posts.
  • Votes.
  • Subscribe voters to Release Notes.

How many boars can you import?

You can import as many boards as you need, but you can only import one board per import. If you need to import two or more, repeat the entire process each time.

Updated on April 12, 2024

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