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Two-Way Sync: Report board<>Task Tracker

Available plan: Business.

Available role: Owner, Admin.

In case you create a report board with priority boards connected to the same task tracker, you have the ability to sync your prioritization results from the report board to your task tracker.

Activating Issue Ranking Sync

To activate ‘two-way sync’, the priority boards you combine to create the report board should be connected to the same task tracker.

  1. In the report board, head over to Report settings.
  2. Under the ‘Issue Ranking Sync’ section.
  1. Choose the Ducalis fields that you would like to sync to your task tracker.
  1. You will find two default fields–the Priority {emoji} Ducalis and the Alignment {emoji} Ducalis
  2. You can delete these fields, or any other field that you will add and decide to delete. Just hover over the field you want to delete and click on the trash icon that appears. 
  1. Some task trackers (Jira, ClickUp) require you to first create Ducalis custom fields in them before you activate sync. The Ducalis custom fields you create in your task tracker will receive the data that you sync from Ducalis. Creating Ducalis custom fields in:
  2. After you’ve created Ducalis custom fields in your task tracker, switch the toggle on to activate sync.
  1. For task trackers (Asana, Youtrack, Trello) that do not require you to manually create Ducalis custom fields in them before you activate sync, custom fields will be automatically created in them once you activate sync.

After you switch on the toggle you can’t add more fields. To add more fields, you have to switch off sync first, add your fields, then switch it on again.

The emoji, used in the custom fields names, is a Ducalis Board ID. You can change it. If you do so, please turn the sync off and on again to apply the changes.

  1. Choose the day and time you want to sync your prioritization results to your task tracker. It can, for example, be a day or a few days before your sprint planning meeting. You can change the timezone if it’s not set to the one you want. 

Sprint settings are on Prioritization Habit tab. Read more about Prioritization Habit and sprint settings here.

  1. If you want to sync the priority rankings immediately, you can just click on ‘Sync Scores Now’.

If you turn the sync OFF, custom fields with priority ranking and alignment links will be deleted from your Asana library.

Updated on November 15, 2022

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