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Slack Notifications about Voting Board Activities

Stay up-to-date with activities happening on your Voting Board by receiving notifications to a channel in your Slack workspace. Get notified about actions that require instant responses.

Accessing Slack Notifications Settings

Head over to Voting Board Settings.

Scroll down to Notifications.

Switch on the Slack Notification

Click the toggle to switch on the feature.

Authorize and Choose Slack Channel

Authorize Ducalis to access your Slack workspace, and also choose the channel you want the notifications to be received in. Then Click Allow to proceed.

Slack Digest

You will start to receive a daily digest with a summary of the activities that would have happened the previous day on your Voting board.

Read more here.

Real-time Notifications

In addition to receiving daily digests of the Voting board activities, you can also receive real-time notifications of the Voting board activities. Get real-time notifications of actions that require instant response.

What’s Next?

Learn about how to make Voting boards private – give access to a selected group of customers.

Updated on July 12, 2024

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