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Integrating Jira Server with Ducalis: OAuth authentication

Integrating Jira server with Ducalis seamlessly connects your workflow. It enables you to:

  • Import issues from Jira server for prioritization in Ducalis. 
  • View your prioritization results in Jira server.
  • Create issues for your Jira backlog in Ducalis.

In this are we will show you how to integrate a Jira server account with Ducalis using secure OAuth authentication.

Integrating Jira server with Ducalis. 

  1. In the board you have just created, find and click Connect Task Tracker on the top panel.
  1. From the list of task trackers, choose Jira Server.
  2. Then click Connect Jira Server.

Before you proceed, you need to create an Application link. It allows you to set up links, share information, and provide access to certain resources or functionality between Ducalis and Jira server.

You need to follow this process only once. After you’ve created the application link and integrated Jira Server, the login is simple.

The process is the same for any Jira Server version—differs the location of the menu in Jira.

  1. Head over to your Jira server account, and in your account go to Jira Administration by clicking on the ⚙️ cogwheel located on the top right.
  2. From the dropdown menu, click Applications.
  3. Under Applications, go to Application links.
  1. To start creating an application link with Ducalis, insert the Ducalis URL (https://ducalis.io/).
  2. Hit Create new link.
  1. In the Configure Application URL window, click Continue. Ignore the message, there are no mistakes, the link is valid.
  1. Next, type the Application name. It can be any name. We recommend that you use the name ‘Ducalis’.
  2. Choose Application Type as Generic Application.
  3. Check the cell Create incoming link.
  4. Click Continue.
  1. In the next window copy Consumer Key and Public Key from the Ducalis tab, and paste in their respective fields.
  1. Type any Consumer Name. It can be your company or project name. 
  2. Click Continue.

The application link has been successfully created.

Copying the Base URL.

Before you leave Jira, you need to copy the Base URL of your Jira account that you will paste in the Base URL filed in Ducalis. 

Finishing Up the integration.

Head back to Ducalis. 

  1. Paste the Base URL.
  2. Click Connect.
  1. Click Allow on the next screen to give Ducalis permission to read the data in Jira.

Now your integration is ready! 

You go on further and choose an instance to start importing issues.

Removing the Integration

On how to delete an integration between Ducalis and Jira server, check out this article.

What’s Next?

After successfully integrating Ducalis with Jira Server, you can go on to import your issues from Jira to Ducalis for prioritization. 

Learn more about importing issues for prioritization from Jira Server to Ducalis.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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