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Prioritization, Roadmaps, and Feedback Tracking Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

We all rely on open-source tools. As a way of giving back to the community, we offer Ducalis.io for free for open source projects.

Apply by creating an account, then send us an email and link us to your open-source repository. We will then provide the “Open Source” 100% discount for your account.

How Ducalis Can Be Helpful For Your Open Source Product

Share beautiful roadmaps with user request tracking

Nice design for any screen. Customize the look and feel to reflect your band. Connect custom domain.

Customize public roadmap

Connect your public feedback with your internal tasks

There are at least two idea buckets: what your team is planning to do (product backlog) and what your users are demanding.

Connect public ideas with internal roadmap

You can manage your backlog at Ducalis or sync with your task tracker like Jira, Asana, Trello, ClickUp, YouTrack, etc.

Task Trackers for Open Source and Non-Profits:

  • Jira is free upon request for Open Source. And a form for non-profit organizations that are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial, non-political, and have no religious affiliation.
  • Asana has a 50% discount for non-profits
  • ClickUp has robust features for a free plan and offers a non-profit discount
  • Trello has a free plan. And you can request Open Source and Non-Profits.
  • YouTrack is free for non-commercial open-source projects by request.

Prioritize your ideas and requests

It’s not easy to choose what to do next. Prioritize all types of ideas you have. Apply any popular prioritization framework to your backlog and customer requests. Use our prebuilt templates like RICE, ICE, WSJF, REAN, and AARRR, or build your own.

Apply any prioritization framework

Keep in the loop with your project updates

Never miss a new request or comment. Update users with how it’s going on particular feature development.

Keep in the loop with your customers

Free for Open Source Eligibility

In addition to fitting into one of the above categories, eligible AOS projects must satisfy these criteria:

  • Non-commercial The project cannot be used to promote a product or service; it has to provide something of value to the community at no cost. Applications for non-commercial projects backed by commercial entities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Publicly available The project must be publicly usable and, if applicable, include documentation or instructions on how the community can use it.
  • High records or operation counts High records or search requests Algolia’s Free plan is at no charge for up to 10 units per month. If this is all you require, then you don’t need to apply for an AOS plan

Apply for Ducalis.io Free for Open Source Plan

We’d love to give you a free Ducalis account for your open-source of non-profit account if you have a qualifying project.

Please fill in the form below. We reply in one business day.

Updated on June 12, 2024

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