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Prioritizing Issues Blocking Other Issues

After your team finishes scoring issues in your backlog for prioritization, some issues might have higher total scores than issues they are being blocked by

To work on issues that are blocking other issues first, regardless of their total score, you have the ability to sort issues considering blockers – On the priority list the blockers come first before the issues they are blocking. 

Hit the blockers icon in the top right corner to sort issues considering blockers.

On the priority list, blockers will be on top of the issues they are blocking regardless that the issues they are blocking have a higher total score. 

Issues are still sorted by priority. But, if for example an issue on priority number 11 is blocking an issue on the first position, then that issue will be moved from position 11 to first, and the block issue to second position. 

If the blocker is already on a higher priority level that the issue it is blocking it will remain in the same position on the priority list 
If you have a task tracker connected and two-way sync on, when you back sync, the issues will be synced in the same priority order.

Updated on February 16, 2023

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