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Push To Jira Cloud

Integrating Jira cloud with Ducalis also allows you to create issues for your Jira backlog in Ducalis.

This also saves you the time of having to switch between Ducalis and Jira when you want to create an issue in Jira while you are in the middle of prioritizing your backlog in Ducalis.

  1. To use this feature, your board should be connected to Jira cloud.
  1. In the board, issues created in Ducalis are represented with a [d] icon.
  1. The issues imported from or linked to Jira have a Jira icon.

Pushing Issues You Create in a Ducalis board To Jira Cloud

Pushing Issues You Already Created

  1. Select the Ducalis issue you want to send to Jira. In the issue card, click on the [d] icon located in the top left corner of the card.
  1. From the dropdown, click on Push to Jira.
  1. Fill in the fields, and edit the ones that require editing.
  2. When you are done, click Create issue to send your issue to Jira.

Creating an Issue and Simultaneously Pushing It To Jira Cloud

  1. Click on New issue to start creating an issue.
  1. Type in the name of the issue. Click on the [d] icon located in the top left corner of the card, then from the dropdown list select the Push to Jira option.

Note! The option to push the task you are creating to Jira is blocked until you enter the name of the issue you are creating.

  1. Fill in the fields correctly, then click Create issue.
  1. Make sure you fill in the fields matching the filters you applied when you imported issues from Jira so that the issues you create appear in this board.

Pushing Public Ideas From Your Voting Board To Jira Cloud

The voting board allows you to turn your customer feedback to issues that you can add to your internal board, prioritize and start working on.

  1. To access your voting board, hover over the left side and click on New request.
  1. Under Without merge, find all the new ideas left by your users that you have not yet merged with similar issues in your board or added to your backlog.
  1. Select the idea you want to add to your backlog, then click on Create a new issue.
  1. From the dropdown, you can see the option to create an issue in:
    1. Jira (linked with Ducalis).
    2. Ducalis only.
  1. Select In Jira (linked with Ducalis) to create an issue that goes to Jira and your Ducalis board (If this issue’s parameters match the Jira filters).
  1. Fill in the fields matching the filters you applied when you imported issues from Jira so that the issue you create appears in Ducalis.
  2. After filling in the fields, click on Create issue.
  1. To create an issue in Ducalis only, select the option In Ducalis only and an issue will be created and added to your Ducalis board.

Under All voting issues:

  1. The issues created and added to Jira, and linked with Ducalis, will have a Jira icon.
  1. The issues created and added to your Ducalis board only will have the [d] icon.
Updated on May 29, 2023

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