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Questions and Comments

What is the Question section and how to use it for team alignment

If you struggle to evaluate an issue properly because the issue is unclear, poorly described, or you have reasonable doubts, you can mark it as requiring clarification.

This will mean that the issue must be discussed or explained, and the question assignee will receive a notification about that.

To mark an issue as requiring clarification:

1. Go to the Assessment Grid.

2. Find the issue you need to be explained or discussed.

3. Click the Question button.

4. Select the teammate you have a question for.

5. Type your question and click Send.

6. The issue will be moved from your New section into the Questions section.

7. You will not evaluate the issue before your question is answered.

To see the issues you’ve marked:

1. Go to Assessment Grid > Questions.

2. Choose ✋My Questions To Teammates.

3. Here are the issues you’ve marked as requiring clarification.

4. Click the Resolve button to resolve your question and move the issue to the New section for evaluation.

NOTE! It'll be resolved for you and the question assignee, if it was just you two in the discussion. It'll be resolved just for you, if other teammates joined to your question and haven't resolved it.

To see your issues, a teammate has marked:

If a teammate has marked an issue as unclear and assigned it to you, you will have a red number next to the Questions section.

1. Go to Assessment Grid > Questions.

2. Choose ❗❓Questions To Me.

3. Click the issue you have there.

4. In the issue card, you can see who on the team has questions about the issue and the question.

5. Click the Resolve button if you have discussed and answered all the questions.
NOTE! It'll be resolved for everybody in this discussion.

How to comment a question and manage it

Comments are a great way to bring others into the discussion about an issue problem. They allow you to remark on description, add important information, ask questions, and generally drive collaboration and teamwork.

  • You can comment on a question or an answer to provide additional information relevant to that question or answer.

  1. Click Reply.

  2. Type your comment in the comment field.

  3. Click Send.

  • You can Edit or Delete you comment.

  • You can also join to an existing question, if you have the same one.

  1. Click Join

  2. Add more comments to this question if needed.

  3. As you joined, the issue will move to Questions sections > ✋My Questions To Teammates.

  4. As you clarify the question for you, just click Resolve, and the issue will move to New section and you’re able to evaluate the issue.
    NOTE! It won't resolved for everyone in this discussion, just for you.

  • If you want to view resolved questions, choose Resolved Questions in the issue card.
    If you have additional questions or new information you can reopen a resolved comment, choose Restore.
    As you click Restore, the issue will move to Questions section.


You’re able to receive notifications about questions to you, joined users, comments on your questions, closed questions.

It allows you to be updated, answer and evaluate in time.

Updated on November 15, 2022

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