The Reports option and how to use it.

With reports, you get a detailed picture of how your team’s evaluation process is going. The report gives you information about:

  1. Your team’s readiness for the next meeting, and the amount of time left before the next meeting.

  2. The number of issues each member still has for evaluation, and the number of questions.

  3. The new members in your board, “Rookies”.

To access your report, you click on the percentage sign.

What you can find and do in the report.

  1. The report gives information about your teams’ readiness for the next meeting (the number of issues they have collectively evaluated expressed as a percentage). To help members do their evaluation on time before the next meeting, it also shows how much time there is before the next meeting.

  2. The report also shows the list of all the members in the board, the number of issues each member still has to evaluate, and the number of questions they would have been asked, or they asked other members.

  3. It also gives information about The Rookies. The rookie status is given to new members that have not yet completely evaluated the backlog for the first time, and this status clears after they do. As long as a member has the rookie status, their evaluation does not affect the overall progress of the process and the prioritization results. You can also see the number of issues they still have to evaluate, and the number of questions they have.

  4. You can also see the members who have completed the evaluation of the whole backlog, in our case, under “Nailed it” you can customize the name of the section by writing a reward message you want.

  5. This reward message for members who have evaluated everything will be in the:

    1. Evaluation reminder emails sent to members.

    2. Evaluation reminder messages sent to Slack channels.

Reminding users to evaluate.

  1. You can remind one user to evaluate by clicking Notify next to their name.

  2. To remind all users at once, you click Notify all.

Once you click notify, the users receive an email with the number of issues they need to evaluate and a link to the board.

Updated on April 26, 2022

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