Score Backups

Available Plans: Team, Business.

Available Roles: Admin, Owner.

Ducalis securely backs up your evaluation scores that you can access and restore if they expire whilst you still need them or following accidental deletions.

The evaluation scores are backed up whenever the evaluation scores expire. Each backup is kept for 30 days before it is completely discarded. 

Accessing Score Backups and Restoring Evaluation Scores

  1. To access your score backups go to Prioritization habit.
  1. Under Prioritization habit, scroll to the bottom and find Score Backups.
  2. Here, you will find all your score backups.
  3. Find the version of evaluation scores that you want to restore, and click Restore.

When you restore a backup, the version of scores that you had before you restored a backup is instantly backed up, and you can find it under Scores Backups. If you or any of your teammates restore a backup, you can UNDO it.

Updated on February 22, 2023

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