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Setting Up a Custom Domain for Voting Boards.

When you create your organization there will be a default domain that will be set for the organization’s voting boards. You have the ability to customize this domain to help your customers quickly understand whose site they are visiting.

Accessing the Settings.

  1. On the dashboard, click ‘Settings’.
  1. Under settings find ‘Domain Settings’. 


  1. Inside a board, click on the bulb icon found on the top right part of the board.
  2. From the panel, click ‘Customize domain’.
  1. Under settings find ‘Domain Settings

Setting Up a Domain.

There are two types of domains offered – Subdomain and Custom Domain.


There is a subdomain set for you by default. You can change it.

Custom Domain.

Available plan: Business.

You have the ability to create your own custom domain. To get started:

Select ‘Custom domain’ checkbox.

Before you enter your custom domain, add a CNAME record with voting.ducalis.io value in your domain registrar’s control panel, that points the custom domain (feedback.yoursite.com) to “cname.ducalis.io”.

The custom domain should point to voting.ducalis.io exactly. Not yourcompany.voting.ducalis.io. 

We compiled a list of instructions on how to set up a CNAME records in few popular DNS services:

Then lastly enter your custom domain.

Updated on May 25, 2022

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