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Setup Webhooks to automate Voting board events

Webhooks are a powerful tool for connecting applications and services in real-time, enabling seamless data exchange and triggering actions based on specific events.

Save time and effort in keeping customers up-to-date and sharing real-time data updates about the latest changes and releases – now it is possible to setup webhooks in Ducalis.io.

How to use webhooks for status auto-updating

To update public ideas statuses automatically and according the prod environment.
Sometimes tracker status “Done” doesn’t mean the task is released on prod.
That’s why we added webhook condition for ideas Status Auto-Update Rules.
It means that only after the release the idea will be moved to the Done status. And you don’t need to manage it manually.

How to use webhooks for sending release notes

Send Release notes automatically after the release deployed.
You won’t need to schedule it manually every time the ideas were released.

Just setup the webhook, and Release Notes will be send after triggered event.

This approach also ensures consistency and accuracy in the release note content and format, reducing the risk of errors or omissions.

You can create as many webhooks as you need for different events and integrate them with your CI tools, Slack, Zapier and so on. For example, you can have separate specific webhooks for statuses updates and for sending release notes. All conditions are set in your CI tool.

How to create the webhook

1.Go to Organization settings and choose Incoming Webhooks:

2. Click +New Webhook, give it a name and a description, click Save:

3. Copy the Webhook URL and paste it to the tool you used for continuous integration and deployment, e.g Bamboo, Jenkins.

After you’ve prepared the Webhook, you can use it to automate Voting ideas statues and schedule Release Note automatically.

Updated on June 19, 2023

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