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Status Auto-Update Rules

Public ideas are linked with internal issues (in Ducalis, or task tracker). The statuses of these two parallel workflows should go in sync so that the status in the public idea reflects the actual progress status of the internal issue. Instead of doing the process of updating the progress status of public ideas manually each time you change the status of an internal issue, you have the option to automate this process.


  • What’s on the voting board reflects the current workflow in your internal backlog.
  • Keep statuses between Voting board and task tracker in sync.
  • No more wasting time manually updating public idea statuses.

Public idea status auto-sync is configured by settings Rules. You set up rules that when the status of an internal issue changes, the status of the public idea is also automatically updated. 

For example, when the status of the Jira issue changes to In Progress, the status of the linked Ducalis public idea is automatically updated to In Progress

Access Settings

To Access the status to set up a rule, go to the Voting board settings under the Public ideas page. Click Settings.

Under the settings scroll down to Status Auto-Update Rules.

To start creating a new rule, click +New Rule.

Selecting Platform

Select the platform with the internal issues (Ducalis or your task tracker). Task trackers currently supported are Jira and YouTrack.

Setting Up Rules

Choose the internal issues’ status.

Choose the public ideas’ status you would want them to be updated to. 

To keep your subscribers on track with the changing status, you can switch on the toggle for them to be notified when the status changes.

Click Save to create the rule.

Follow the same steps to create more rules. You have the ability to create rules for all your statuses.

Updated on September 20, 2023

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