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Step 5. Announcements of Released Features on the Changelog Page

The changelog page is where you and your team can officially announce product updates like new features or bug fixes. Have all your releases in one place where users can visit anytime and view them. 


The posts you publish on this page are termed Announcements. An announcement is a public description of the feature you want to present to your users.

On the Changelog page, they are arranged by date of release, with the latest announcements on the top.

Announcements Creation

Announcements can be written with AI, or done manually by Admins. After creating the announcement, admins need to approve it. 

Read how to create them in detail here.

The announcements can be created in advance so that when the idea is moved to ‘Done,’ the announcement will be automatically published on the Changelog page. The announcement should be Approved. If it is not approved, it won’t be visible on the Changelog page.

Linked Public Ideas 

Under each announcement, there is a block with the public idea. Click on the block to view more information about the idea.

React And Comment On Announcements

Users have the opportunity to leave instant feedback on the features’ announcements that you post on your changelog page. Feedback can be in the form of reactions or comments.

Updated on February 8, 2024

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