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Switching Between Boards and Boards Filters

Switching Between Boards

To quickly switch between boards without wasting a lot of time, you can use the keyboard shortcut K, or the search option on the right.

This feature is extremely useful for large organizations with a lot of boards (prioritization, or report boards) as users don’t have to waste a lot of time looking for a board. 

When you hit the keyboard shortcut, a window will appear. There is a search field where you can quickly type the name of the board you are looking for. 

There will also be a list of the boards. The list will consist of the boards that you have access to.

Indicated on each Report board will be:

  1. The number of prioritization boards in the report board. 

Indicated on each Prioritization board will be:

  1. The number of issues you have to evaluate, if you are part of the users in the prioritization board.
  1. Whether the board has a voting board shared on the web or not.
  1. Whether the prioritization board is shared or not.
  1. A task tracker the board is connected to.

Boards Filters

On the dashboard, there are also filters that you can use to quickly find the board(s) you want.

Filters available include:

All boards

  • All – all the boards in the organization.

Boards you have Estimates

  • My estimates – include Priority boards with issues you have, or are supposed to evaluate for prioritization.

Boards you can View

  • Can View – includes Priority boards you are not a part of but can view. 

Aggregated report boards

  • Reports – includes all Report boards in the organization

Voting boards

  • Voting – here you can see all the priority boards that have voting boards activated in the organization.
Updated on August 9, 2023

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