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Template For New Public Idea

Available Plan: Business.

Available Role: Admin, Owner.

The requests that your clients leave on your voting boards can sometimes be vague and hard to comprehend what exactly they are requesting. New idea templates help guide your customers on how to create well-structured and easy-to-understand requests.

In this article, we will show you how to create and use templates for new public ideas.

How To Create a Template

  1. On your voting board, head over to the board settings by clicking on ‘Admin Panel’.
  1. Under Admin Panel scroll down to ‘New Idea Template’.
  1. Enable the toggle for new idea templates, if it is not already enabled. There will be a default template that you can use.
  1. But if you want to create your own template, just edit the template – put your own set of questions that you want your clients to answer when they are creating new ideas on your voting board.
  1. After you complete setting up the template, anyone who attempts to create an idea will have that template as a guide.

What’s Next?

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Updated on September 7, 2022

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