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Token-based Authentication for YouTrack

How to connect YouTrack to Ducalis using a permanent token

A token is an electronic key used instead of a password. YouTrack permanent tokens give you security and have the following benefits:

  • Secure authorization without implementing complex OAuth 2.0 flows.

  • Simple management: If you suspect that your connection has been compromised, you can revoke the token at any moment and generate a new one.

  • Granular access to operations: A permanent token lets perform only those operations it has permissions for.

To create a permanent token for YouTrack <> Ducalis integration:

NOTE! You must have an Admin role in YouTrack.

1. Go to YouTrack.

2. Click your avatar and go to Profile.

3. Find Hub account and click Update personal information and manage logins.

4. Go to Authentication tab.

5. Click New token…

6. Name the token. Choose a clear recognizable name, e.g., Ducalis.io.

7. Add YouTrack in the Scope field. Delete any other services you might have there by default.

8. Click Create.

9. Click Copy token. Don’t forget to save it somewhere secure—you won’t be able to get it again once the dialog window is closed. Never share or distribute the token.

10. Also, in YouTrack, copy your base URL from the browser tab. The base URL starts with https:// and ends with youtrack/.

Now, go to Ducalis:

1. Click Add in the Issue Trackers field (top left).

2. Choose YouTrack.

3. Paste the Base URL to your YouTrack. (Step 10 in the previous section)

4. Paste the Permanent Token. (Step 9 in the previous section)

5. Click Connect.

6. Match fields from the YouTrack with fields you will have in the Ducalis boards.
You can always change the fields by clicking the cogwheel next to the YouTrack integration on the dashboard.

YouTrack integration with Ducalis is ready.

The token is created only once. Your coworkers won’t need to follow these steps to gain access—if the person has access to the project in YouTrack, they will automatically have access to the Ducalis board if assigned to a team.

If the person is not yet registered in Ducalis, they will receive an email invitation once you assign them to a team.

Updated on April 26, 2022

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