Two-Way Sync Overview

Two-way sync allows you to automatically sync your prioritization results back to your task tracker where you manage and work on tasks. This helps you to work on the tasks in order of how you prioritized them in Ducalis. No need to constantly refer back to Ducalis to view your backlog’s priorities.

Works with the task trackers Ducalis can integrate with– Asana, Trello, Jira Cloud, Jira Server, YouTrack, and ClickUp

Fields Synced

Data can be synced from Ducalis fields that have data that was generated during the prioritization process. 

Accessing Two-Way Sync Settings

Click on the sync icon found in the bottom right corner to go to Backlog Management settings.

Under Backlog Management settings, go to Sync Back Fields.

Default Fields

You will find two default fields–the Priority {emoji} Ducalis and the Alignment {emoji} Ducalis. You can delete these fields from the list of Ducalis fields that you want to sync if you do not want to sync data from them. 

  • Priority Ducalis – shows the issues’ priority ranking. 
  • Alignment Ducalis – has a links to issues in Ducalis.

Adding More Fields

You have the ability to add more Ducalis fields to sync to your task tracker. Click Add field and choose the field you want from the dropdown list. Additional fields include:

Score Ducalis – shows the issues’ the Total scores. 

Score Status Ducalis – shows if an issue has been evaluated by everyone in the board.

Score Percent Ducalis – shows the evaluation progress of an issue.

Criteria fields – shows the issues’ Criteria scores. 

Note! Before you proceed to activate sync, some task trackers require you to first create custom fields that will receive the data you will sync from Ducalis.

Sync Day and Time 

Sync happens on a particular day and time before a sprint ends. You can set a custom day and time that you want. This helps to ensure that your prioritization results are ready for you in your task tracker before your next sprint starts. 

Find the sprints’ settings under Sprint Planning settings.

In a case where you need to sync the data to your task tracker immediately, you can just click Manual Sync

 If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us in the chat in the bottom right corner.

2-way sync with different trackers

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Updated on July 7, 2023

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